The BLABO system helps VAOS achieve vital goals case study


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The Libyan service provider, VAOS Ltd., had serious concerns about its workers’ safety and disposal of hydrocarbons when cleaning oil storage tanks.

VAOS Ltd. offers services to the oil and petrochemical industries in Libya. The company employs about 900 people and has specialised in servicing the oil industry by providing oil equipment construction, tank maintenance, and repair service at refineries, oil fields, and tank terminals.

VAOS bought the BLABO system in order to achieve three key goals: a) realise signifi cant savings in recovered oil for customers; b) remove employees from harm’s way by fully automating the cleaning process; and c) create compelling environmental benefi ts for the country VAOS is working in, without any additional cost.

Mr. Johann Tomek, Managing Director, VAOS states, “On all three counts, the BLABO system has produced results that have met and surpassed our expectations. Clients has received as much as several million USD worth of recovered oil that under manual cleaning procedures would have been dumped in desert oil ponds. We have thoroughly cleaned even difficult facilities such as double-roofed tanks, without exposing any of our employees to hazardous chemicals. We have become the first oil cleaning and recovery services company in Libya to stop the practice of dumping excess oil into the environment. Instead, we are able to recover for our customers close to 100% of the oil held in the tanks we clean”.

Libya is a major player in the world oil market and is presently experiencing high levels of investment within the oil industry to comply with the increase in oil production. Maintenance of processing equipment and storage tank facilities are consequently of high priority. Before maintenance can begin, these tanks must be cleaned. In order to better meet the demand for tank cleaning, VAOS decided to upgrade to an automated tank cleaning system.

VAOS looked at seven tank cleaning systems before choosing the BLABO system from Oreco A/S. Not only did BLABO meet VAOS’ requirements for oil recovery, worker safety, and environmental benefi ts, it was a system with the most application possibilities. BLABO can clean both fixed-roof and floating-roof tanks containing many different types of oil, and can handle both tank- and pit-cleaning.

VAOS is part of the Oreco Partner network and has exclusive rights for tank cleaning with the BLABO system in Libya.

Mr. Tomek concludes, “To sum up, I would recommend Oreco’s BLABO system to any oil services company looking to improve its tank cleaning capacity. BLABO promises higher and broader capabilities than any other system, and it delivers on that promise.

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