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The bullion room case study


Courtesy of Niton UK Limited

The new Thermo Scientific Niton DXL provides speed, reliability and efficiency for Europe’s largest precious metal dealer. The Bullion Room was founded in 2004, turning over £70,000 in its first year of trading. This year it is on target to hit a turnover of £1 billion, handling 1.5 tonnes of gold per week and placing it firmly as Europe’s largest privately owned precious metal dealer.

The Bullion Room specialises in buying and refining scrap precious metal from trade sources. The company’s buying centre in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter is capable of handling postal deliveries from relatively small clients, right up to large consignments from national chains of pawnbrokers. It also has the capacity to carry out smelting of up to 1 tonne in a single melt.

Due to its incredible rate of business growth, The Bullion Room needed a fast and accurate way of sorting metals prior to melt and began to use Thermo Scientific Niton XRF analysers in 2008. Niton instruments are used throughout the organisation for a variety of applications and now The Bullion Room has added to its collection with an order for the Niton DXL XRF countertop analysers.

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