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Significant progress has been made in the last 25 years in the control of emissions resulting from the burning of sulfur bearing fuels and from other industrial processes. The dominant desulfurization technology today is limestone or lime-based scrubbing in various forms. While in general reliable and, in some forms, capable of high SO2 removal efficiency, they produce large quantities of low value waste products, are relatively expensive to build and operate and are difficult to retrofit in constrained sites due to the large equipment size necessary for their implementation. With increasing concern over the cost and availability of landfill sites and public demand for resource recovery and recycling, recovery-type SO2 removal processes are becoming increasingly more desirable.

The CANSOLV® System is an aqueous amine-based, regenerative gas desulfurization process capable of removing SO2 down to a few ppm, if desired, from most stationary sources. The process can be applied to feed gases with <0.1 to 100% SO2, it is flexible, robust, easy to operate and quickly responsive to changes in gas feed conditions. It represents an effective response to regulation-driven market needs, both domestically and internationally, and it does so in a manner which vastly improves upon existing desulfurization technologies in terms of physical dimensions, capital and operating costs, and environmental impact. In many cases, the CANSOLV® System can be integrated to an existing plant flowsheet to improve profitability of the process.

The CANSOLV®System can be applied to sulfuric, acid spent acid recovery plants, sulfide ore smelters, sulfur recovery units, SO2 production and its safe storage and transportation, flue gas desulfurization units and pulp mills. This paper describes the CANSOLV® System process technology and its various applications, as well as pilot plant results from multiple industry applications.

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