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The carbon impact of bottling Australian wine in the UK

An increasingly hot issue in the UK is the design of bottles and their recycled content, to the point where researchers have begun analysing how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted from bulk-imported wine from Australia compared to its bottling in the UK. The study considers a comparison between using Amcor-designed PET bottles versus typical glass bottles used by UK-based bottlers. One challenge in this study was determining the conditions for comparing PET and glass. Several variables were considered and are explained in the body of this report, but the core comparison was between: Amcor-produced PET bottle = 54g with 0% recycled content

Typical glass bottle available in UK = 496g with 81% recycled content

Lightweight glass bottle available in UK1 = 365g with 81% recycled content

One significant element which was considered was the treatment of empty containers at end-of-life scenarios included landfill disposal and recycling2. The overall results, compared to a UK-produced very light glass bottle are shown in Figures 1.2 and 1.3, and summarised below.

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