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Picture a vibrating screen that is 4.27m wide by 7.32m long and weighs 32.2 h tonnes without its isolation frame. I Then picture constructing two such behemoths and shipping them to a coal mine in China and commissioning them within a light delivery schedule.

This is what Jocst Australia, a subsidiary of Jcist GmbH & Co KG of Germany, has done. It was hired to build two large double- deck vibrating screens to handle raw coal for a new mining project in China's Shaanxi province.

These are possibly the largest vibrating screens of their type ever built. Modelling technology Jost invested in has made such a design and manufacturing feat possible.

Joest managing director Ian Laws believes these arc possibly the largest double-deck vibrating screens ever built. 'There have been other machines made this wide but to my knowledge, they've only been single-deck machines.' he said.

'This has only been possible due to the advancement in sophisticated design tools such as Finite Element Analysis modelling technologies now available to the engineers. Our technological ability is, I think, something we have to offer. Our knowledge of design and construction methods to make these machines work without problems — that's where we think we have an advantage over our competitors in the market.

'Jost's investment in FEA methods has proven valuable in the development of large vibrating screens and will enable further advances in the design of large vibrating machines. That in turn will advance the technology used in the mining industry throughout the world,' Laws said.

Given the groundbreaking nature of the development, Jdst sent its design team lead engineer Thomas Hypki to Australia to witness the factory testing and collect vibration recordings for analysis and correlation to the FEA model in the head office's engineering department.

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