The City of Akron, Ohio’s Debut Wet Weather Project Akron CSO Rack 40 & 31 Basin Project


In an effort to comply with the US EPA unfunded mandate and as part of the City of Akron’s Federal Consent Decree, the City of Akron (City) has developed a Facilities Plan and a Long Term Control (LTCP) for their Water Pollution Control Division. While the LTCP remains unapproved by the US EPA, the City remains committed to minimizing the discharge of pollutants to waters of the U.S., to providing sufficient water quality for the protection of fish and wildlife, and to providing safe recreation as part of the proposed Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Program. In lieu of waiting for official approval of the LTCP, the City opted to move forward with their primary goal and commitment of protecting the environment. Thus, they chose to implement the first major CSO storage basin project known as CSO Rack 40 & 31.

The Rack 40 & 31 CSO discharge is the only CSO discharge located on the main outfall sewer and is a siphon overflow capable of discharging up to 280 million gallons per day (MGD). The combined discharge from Racks 40 & 31 were determined to be the highest on an annual basis except for peak flow, or approximately 38% of the total CSO discharges to surface waters of the U.S.

This paper will show the successful commitment by the City to protecting the environment by following through with the design and construction of the Rack 40 & 31 CSO Basin Project.

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