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The city of brain in South Korea: Daedeok Science Town

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It is a true challenge to develop a successful science park model. This is due to the fact that such a project takes usually much longer than expected, and that there are various indigenous and external factors that affect the development paths of such parks. Anyway, newly industrialised countries (NICs) are aggressively building their high-tech clusters to support the national and regional technology development. The case of South Korea as one of many NICs is not an exception in this. This paper deals with the developmental strategies of, as well as the linkages between, actors in Daedeok Science Town (DST). The focus is on how the South Korean Government, which is the most important actor involved in the creation of DST, implements the DST-related development policy.

Keywords: science park, technology innovation, strategy, regional development, Korea, high-tech clusters, newly industrialised countries, government policy

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