The Clean-Up of a Tragedy

There's been a violent crime, a serious accident, or a suicide has occurred. The police, investigators, and paramedics have left the scene. The remains of this terrible tragedy are still there. You assume the local police, fire department, or the city has someone to take care of this, however, you are told it is up to you. You are the victim, part of the family, the property owner, or local business owner.

In some cities, local police departments or the coroner's office may have a list of local companies that are known in the industry as CTS-Decon (crime and trauma scene decontamination). If your local police departments or coroner's office cannot provide you with this list, you can check the local yellow pages or perform an internet search using such keywords as 'crime scene clean-up,' 'suicide clean-up',etc. These are the companies that are called in when the investigation is completed. It's time to clean, decontaminate, and remove the bio-hazardous waste. Make sure that the CTS-Decon companies that you contact are licensed, have the proper insurance and bonds, The should also be able to provide such documentation upon request. Their bio-recovery technicians should be properly trained and able to provide you of an accurate assessment of your situation.

If you are a property or business owner, your home owner's insurance all of your costs minus your deductible. If you are the victim of a crime, most states have a program to provide compensation and support to victims of crimes and their families.

Most bio-recovery companies will work directly with your insurance company. You will need to provide the name of your insurance company, your policy number, agent's name and contact information.

After providing this information, the CTS-Decon company will work on your behalf with the insurance company and it's agents, thus allowing you to focus on other issues that may need your attention.

Bio-recovery technicians will clean, disinfect, deodorize, and dispose of all contaminated waste. This may include such items as furniture, fabrics, carpet, padding, sub-flooring, or any item which may be contaminated with blood, body fluids, or tissue matter.

In the event of a crime, there may be numerous areas covered with fingerprint dust, pepper spray/tear gas which may have been used as well. This must be included in the clean-up process.

When the remediation is finished those involved in the tragedy will be able to move forewords and begin the healing process.

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