The climate ship comes in

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European Union institutions have managed to push through the difficult adoption of an ambitious legislative package on energy and climate change in less than a year. The global financial crisis did not derail the plan, though it did force some concessions. Our Brussels correspondent Hughes Belin takes stock of the results.

Despite the attempted “coup” instigated by the leaders of new member states, led by Poland, and Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi, French president Nicolas Sarkozy managed, at the last moment, to get all 27 EU member states to agree on the new legislative package. With this feat, Sarkozy brought to an end the French presidency of the EU which the President of the Commission, José Manuel Barroso, described as ‘effective, calm, and masterful’. Friends and enemies alike acknowledge Sarkozy’s skills in getting this complex set of measures adopted, not only by all 27 member states, but also by a European Parliament bent on exploiting the full power of its role as co-legislator. Not that everybody was happy with the result.

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