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The Comparison between Two Kinds of Copper Cable Granulators


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Copper cable granulator, also named scrap wire recycling equipment, is a machine used for crushing copper scrap and later separating copper from the plastic. It belongs to environmental protection equipment.

The current copper cable granulator is generally divided into two kinds: dry-type copper wire granulator and wet-type copper wire granulator. What merits and demerits do they have? Let’s have a brief understanding about them together. Dry-type only processes dry copper chop, and the superiority is that it can handle a large amount of wires but has poor recovery effect for extension wires and there will have copper residual in plastics. In comparison with dry-type, wet-type adopts wet separation, having good performance both in recovery result and recovery rate. However, it has low production yield and a lot of labor, and the recovery copper chop is easy to change color. Besides, since it needs water in the production process, it will cause a little environmental pollution. Therefore, it does not represent the future trend of copper wire granulators as a whole.

At present, dry-type has got greatly improved and many new designs and technologies have been applied to this field including PLC control system. Amisy is a professional manufacturer of copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine with 12 years of experience. Its dry-type copper wire granulators incorporate the most modern technology such as PLC control system and double crushing processing technology which would provide a more reliable operation and high recycling rate of 99%. More importantly, it will offer you considerate and consistent service in the whole process.

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