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We need more sand

As we all know,the sand is very useful in construction,building,filtering and breeding beautification.With the development of the industries, more and more sand are needed for make our city better. Well,the natural sand is under the river,and we have to use the dredgers make the sand out to use them in our industries.The more sand we need, the more we dug,the more we dug,the more worse the environment become.

The disadvantage of artificial sand dredging

First,the dugging will damage the ecological environment.For example,the dredging machinery stir the whole river become very muddy,which destroyed the water environment.The river is no longer clear,even if the the fish are dead.

Secondly,the oil from the boat and the garbage people throw will make the river looks worse.The dredgers are often discharged into the river mechanical oil, visitors arbitrarily discarded trash in the river which make the river worse.

The most important is that illegal dredging threatens flood. Some dredging not required dredging, brought big changes in river flows, during the floods, the river bottom recoil, causing some of the water flowing, particularly of farmland protection dam, causing dam was washed away, farmland was submerged.

Use crushers to make stone into sand

Therefore, in order to reduce the disadvantages of artificial river dredging, we need artificial sand making to solve the problem of insufficient supply.

Sand production line is a special production line equipment for production of building sand and stone. Sand production line is defined according to the expected type, and produces a finished product for stone and manufactured sand, also known as aggregate production line. Equivalent to the combination of stone production line and sand production line. In road construction, building materials such as plants, very often the aggregate public line, this set of aggregate production line equipment to meet the requirements of stone and artificial sand production at the same time.

The Sand making System components

  • 1.Feed system

The system was sent to the crusher equipment and screening machines raw material, under the crushing and screening process. Complete device has vibrating feeder feed links or other type of feeding equipment. Sand production line, is generally used for feeder unit which is the supply of stone.

  • 2.Crushing system

The system is the heart of the whole equipment. It's job is to connect all kinds of mineral raw materials broken into required granularity of finished material, a joint composed of sand production line can have more than one breaker. These crushing machine power, complete stone crusher work t3.ogether.

  • 3.Screening conveyor system

The system is broken ore screening mechanical screening. In aggregate composite production line, is the need to separate sand and stone, and graded aggregate after need transportation to the respective venues. The equipment used in this process are generally linear vibrating screen or other screening machinery.

In this way, we will get the sand but not dug them over the river.

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