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The design of an ICT module for radiation protection training purposes

The Nuclear Research Center of Algiers (CRNA) organises each year radiation protection training courses to the benefit of such users from both the industrial and the medical fields. The Algerian Atomic Energy Commission (COMENA) has taken active steps towards the incorporation and adoption of ICT-based training modules in nuclear science and technology and related applications. The objective of such courses is mainly to train and sensitise the largest number of persons concerned with this field and improve the quality of such training. In this paper, we propose a solution based on an ICT module to complement and enhance this training. We present the material and the human resources that were required in order to implement such a project. This interactive CD-ROM is being finalised and will be tested on a sample of users.

Keywords: interactive CD-ROM, ionising radiation, radiation source, radiation protection, ICT modules, nuclear science, nuclear technology, training modules, Algeria, nuclear knowledge management

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