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The development of corporate responsibility practices in Chinese petroleum enterprises

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There is a close relationship between health, safety and environment management system (HSE–MS) and corporate social responsibility (CSR). On the one hand, health, safety and environment are three major concerns of CSR. On the other hand, the establishment and implementation of HSE–MS is an important approach for enterprises to fulfil their social responsibilities. Chinese petroleum enterprises (CPEs) started to establish HSE–MSs in mid–1990s. During the past dozens of years, these systems have been rapidly developed, and have played an important role in reducing personnel injuries, property damages and environmental pollution in the process of production as well as in fulfilling relevant social responsibilities. This paper has elaborated the background, process, concrete measures and achievements of establishing and implementing HSE–MSs and fulfilling related social responsibilities by CPEs. It has also briefly analysed the existing problems and their causes, and made some recommendations on how to deal with the problems.

Keywords: CSR, corporate social responsibility, petroleum industry, oil industry, HSE management, health and safety, environmental management, sustainable development, innovation, sustainability, China, personnel injuries, property damage, environmental pollution

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