The Different Kinds of Dust Collection Booths


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Factories that produce heavy dust particles require a dust collector system in place, so employees can breathe in clean and pure air at all times. Also, with one of these systems in place, machinery functions well and lasts longer. Dust collection booths also help limit dust into a closed area and safely trap it inside a closed space for easy removal. When it comes to dust collection booths, there are many available, and the most common ones are listed below.

Flood curtain booth
These are used mainly when working with metal spraying, media blasting and hand sanding. They require the use of water, which is stored in a tank in order to flood a stainless steel vertical wall, where the procedure affluent is absorbed. Flood curtain booths can use roof and wall panels to trap extra dust and they can also contain illumination for the booth.

Environmental Work Cells
These are used in numerous working conditions, which include welding, sanding, chemical mixing, powder coating and grinding. They are made from 12-gauge all linked construction that is high quality. Environmental work cells incorporate pleated cellulose cartridge filters with high efficiency fan assemblages, and feature dust drawers; these are easy to access from inside the booth.

Wet-Type Dust Collection
The last of the dust collection booths is the wet-type dust collection. This requires a formation of blowers to power dust particles and pollutants against a series of water walls. The water walls wet the airborne pollutants and trap them away from workers and machinery. These are mostly used for sanding operations, deburring, and grinding. They are made from solid-fused heavy sheet steel and come in the availability of numerous sizes.

A dust collection booth is used to capture particles and other pollutants that can affect workers’ health in the workplace. Another thing that can be affected by the continuous dust is the machinery in the workplace, as the constant exposure of dust means it eventually builds-up and causes malfunctions in the equipment, which means more repairs. This device saves companies and industries a lot of money, as they don’t have to repair machinery often and because the worker’s health is better, they will also perform efficiently. Save the health of your employees and your expensive equipment with this ventilation system.

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