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The Drumbeat on infrared thermal imaging


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Drumbeat Energy regards infrared (thermal) imaging as an amazingly useful tool in the quest for greater energy efficiency. It has the ability to define non-invasively and with uncanny speed and accuracy where heat is leaking from a building. Never was the expression “A picture paints a thousand words” more appropriate.

To read the gas and electricity meters and pay the bills is one thing – but to SEE where all that heat is lost from a building is entirely another matter. Time and again it has surprised, astonished and sometimes horrified owners and occupants to discover the extent to which their buildings are akin to thermal colanders – leaking heat in all directions and often, where they least expect it!

From the thermal image, it then becomes a simple matter (usually!) to find out why and how the heat is being lost.

The most difficult task is to construct a robust business case for rectifying the problems.  How do you establish with reasonable accuracy the actual heat loss and its cost? Only with that information can the cost of rectification be put into proper perspective.

Long-winded, utterly boring calculations are one way. By far the better alternative is a truly remarkable piece of in-house software called Envision, patented and exclusive to IRT Surveys Ltd. of Dundee. Envision has the ability, with remarkable accuracy, to quantify thermal images into kWh per annum losses and apply a value to it.

Led by their MD, Stewart Little, IRT Surveys is, in Drumbeat’s opinion, unquestionably the leading exponent and driving force in the UK in promoting infrared imaging for better energy efficiency. In just 11 years of operation, IRT has established a formidable reputation for sheer efficiency, integrity and impartiality.  In addition to the industrial and commercial sectors, IRT has conducted a number of major energy surveys for local authorities with great success. This has provided extraordinary insight into the lack of energy efficiency in housing stock and public buildings, helping LAs to prioritise and budget remedial work.

We hope you enjoy the White Paper which is intended to describe simply and clearly, the pros and cons of this terrific technology. As you’ll read, the pros win hands down!!

IRT Surveys Ltd. www.irtsurveys.co.uk


The Drumbeat on infrared thermal imaging

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