The Eco‐Environmental Solution for Expedient Construction of Helicopter Landing Pads - Case Study


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Environmental and Other Challenges
As oil exploration efforts expand around the world, balancing the need to access land while adhering to environmental regulations and maintaining a minimal footprint can be a challenge. Access and transportation of materials into oil, gas, and mineral exploration sites create logistical challenges that significantly impact overall project costs. This is especially true in remote sites, where transportation of materials is most commonly done via helicopter. The requirements and costs associated with transportation of the helipad materials are many times the single greatest cost item in developing the site. Therefore, the number of trips the helicopter must make to deliver all materials and labor crew into the site is directly related to the weight of the helipad materials. One trip with all materials and the installation crew is most cost-effective.

In addition, environmental regulations may restrict or limit materials deemed suitable for use in certain environments, climates or geographical areas. In many areas, helipads are developed in environmentally-sensitive or protected areas where minimal negative environmental impact is required.

Materials that are brought in must be completely removable when the site is closed and may also need to meet other requirements: 1) must be chemical and weather-resistant, and able to withstand the effects of harsh climatic conditions (i.e. tropical, arid, arctic, high elevation), 2) be effective with varying and often unstable soils, 3) be removable and reusable (if required) and 4) require minimum maintenance.

The GeoTerra Mat Solution
A proven system for constructing helipads that complies with all of the above requirements has been successfully employed for not only constructing helipads, but also for oil drilling platforms, construction access roads and equipment storage. The Presto GeoTerra® system is a highly cost-effective structural mat structure that exhibits the following characteristics: Exceptional material performance and adaptability: The GeoTerra system is manufactured from high strength, durable polyethylene resistant to industrial chemicals and inert to natural elements. The structural units are designed to support loads over very poor soil surfaces and can be assembled to meet all project size requirements. The system’s PadLoc™ connection device allows for assembly of the units to the required mat size, and disconnection of the mats for removal and reuse.

Low material weight and delivery costs: GeoTerra units are light-weight and can be preassembled into larger mats off-site and transported to the installation site with minimal cost.

Ease of installation, removal and recovery: Once on site, the mat system can be installed quickly using any available unskilled labor with minimal training. Once no longer needed, the system can be quickly disassembled and readied for extraction from the site, reused on the same site or stored and used on future sites.

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