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The effect of aircraft engine exhaust gases on the environment

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The sources of air pollution are classified as point, line and surface sources. Motor vehicle pollution is modelled as a line source. Hitherto, studies of air pollution have emphasised surface pollution caused by fossil fuel burning for the purposes of obtaining energy and heating, and motor vehicle pollution studies are usually concentrated on land vehicles. In this study, the effect of aircraft emissions on the environment is considered from two different aspects: during cruising, and during landing, take-off and the taxiing. Air pollution caused by aircraft is also estimated for the year 2000, and the pollution caused during cruising is given globally. The contribution of the Istanbul Ataturk airport to surface air pollution is estimated. In addition, the pollution caused by motor vehicles and aircraft are compared, and the variation and the spread of the pollution under certain meteorological conditions are studied.

Keywords: aircraft engines, air pollution, air transport demand, exhaust gases, environmental pollution, greenhouse gases, aircraft emissions, GHG emissions, Turkey

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