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The effects of 'country-of-origin' and 'corporate image' on the perceptions of product quality and purchase intention

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This study analyses how consumer perceptions on the quality of products are influenced by the marketing appeals of multinational firms and by the country-of-origin effects. It presents findings derived from the results of country-of-origin effect, corporate image, its brand image and purchase intention survey conducted in Almaty, Kazakhstan, one of the CIS countries that are considered as developing countries and transition economies. The findings suggest that while attitudes of consumers towards country-of-origin and corporate image exert a great deal of influence on their perceptions of product quality and purchase behaviour, the effects of certain country image appeals on products purchase behaviour are moderated by the broad socio-demographics and national cultural characteristics. Finally, this study highlights the importance of global brands building associated with corporate image and how they can be further improved by global marketing appeals.

Keywords: cross-cultural marketing, country-of-origin, corporate image, perceived quality, global brands, consumer behaviour, product quality, purchase intention, Kazakhstan, developing countries, transition economies

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