The effects of industrialisation on water quality and livelihoods in Lesotho

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In Lesotho, some of the industrial wastewater discharges are being released untreated into the environment causing water pollution. This study investigates the extent and impacts of industrial water pollution in Lesotho and the associated effects on human livelihoods in the region. A combination of desk studies, in-field water sampling and socio-economic survey showed that industrial effluents have had significant effects on surface water quality in industrialised areas with knock-on effects on availability of potable water and household incomes in the region. In conclusion, industrialisation in Lesotho has had negative environmental externalities and mixed socio-economic consequences on Basotho livelihoods.

Keywords: water pollution, environmental pollution, Lesotho, industrial wastewater, effluent, AGOA, African Growth and Opportunities Act, water quality, human livelihoods, environmental impact, drinking water, potable water, household incomes


International Journal of Environmental Engineering (IJEE)

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