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The Environmental Biotechnology Industry

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Dr Tony Brooke of CBIO gives an honest opinion of the current state of the Environmental Biotechnology industry and how it is perceived by potential customers

What is the role targeted bioaugmentation has in optimising treatment plant operation?

Risking an unfair generalisation the water industry could be labelled as broadly sceptical regarding the benefits of bioaugmentation. This scepticism can be justified where bioaugmentation has in the past been sold as the ‘silver-bullet’ to cure any ailment afflicting a treatment plant. Bioaugmentation and affiliated technologies have therefore suffered from being poorly understood and miss-sold.

However, the evidence gathered from around the world shows that bioaugmentation does work; but when the conditions are right. The key to its effective implementation is to not only understand the wastewater treatment process and the role of bacteria within it but also to understand in detail the particular waste stream to be treated.

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