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The environmental debate we’re NOT having.

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“Environment” is now famously a more Googled word than that trio of favourites of the  baby boomers, sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll (MacLean, R. 2006). It’s front page, lead news at every turn. Each change in earth’s symptoms are monitored and reported on as would doctors at an ailing King’s bedside.


The shift in sentiment has been catalyzed by a cluster of events; the release of the Stern report on climate change in 2006, cyclone Katrina in the US and persistent drought and violent weather worldwide. It’s on our doorsteps. Dire forecasts have apparently been translated into tangible events on a global, but more importantly local scale, creating fear of the unknown, urgency, even panic. Hence grassroots voter and consumer sentiment has been the impetus for the action we see in government and industry.


Since the 1960’s, environmental action was driven by regulation. Standards were put in place to be adhered to by industry. Corporates complied because the cost of not complying was too high to ignore. While they might profess otherwise, few did it because it’s “the right thing to do”. That’s all changing.

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