The environmental impact of Paques’ technologies: facts & figures


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Sustainability is the talk of the day. But talking is not going to do the trick. Applying biological technologies does. They can really make it work.

Paques bv of the Netherlands develops treatment plants for water and gas using innovative biotechnology. During the last decades these technologies were applied with 4 global effects:

1. Pollution reduction

  Daily 9 million kg COD are treated with Anaerobic BIOPAQ ® installations of Paques…

enabling reuse of treated water or discharge into the sewer or to surface water, thus saving water and discharge costs for the owners of the installations.

2. CO 2 -emission reduction

…as a result, yearly 3.2 Mt CO 2 is not emitted…..

Compared to conventional aerobic technology the avoided CO 2 -emission world wide is 3.2 Mt CO 2 /year. This is 1.5 % of the emission permitted in the Netherlands for 2008-2012 and 25% of the reduction commitment of the Netherlands according to the Kyoto treaty.

3. Green energy production

….and green energy is produced for over 1.4 million people.

The treated 9 million kg COD/day is equivalent to a production of 1.15 billion m 3 methane (CH 4 )/year. This is sufficient to meet the natural gas requirements of a city with 1.4 million inhabitants, two times a city like Amsterdam !

By treating wastewater anaerobically, there is an immediate saving on the use of fossil fuel and on top of that , indirect savings on energy needed for aeration when using conventional aerobic water treatment.

4. SO 2 -emission reduction

Yearly, 36.5 million kg SO 2 is prevented from being emitted into air

The Paques' desulfurization technologies worldwide produce 50.000 kg sulfur per day. Expressed as SO 2 equivalents this compares to 36.5 million kg SO 2 per year. For comparison: the emission limit for the Netherlands for SO 2 is set up at 50 million kg SO 2 per year in 2010.

Paques proves that application of biological technologies can make significant impact on European and global sustainability targets. Some of Paques' technologies are only starting to become mainstream applications, yet a relevant improvement of global sustainability indicators can be observed. Combined with the economic effects for our clients the future perspective is challenging!

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