The essential functional features of the high-speed CNC grinder

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High-speed CNC grinder has very high requirements for the main functional parts. First of all, it requires to be a high spindle speed and power. Secondly, cnc hard turning lathes table requires a high feed rate and motion acceleration. What’s more, NC grinding’s supporting system requires a very high static rigidity, dynamic stiffness and thermal rigidity. Supporting system concludes basic parts as wheel frame, headstock, tailstock, workstations and other components.


First, Spindle speed requires sufficient rigidity, good rotary precision, thermal stability merciful, reliable, low power consumption, long life. High-speed spindle bearings can use ceramic bearings, magnetic bearings, air bearings or hydrostatic liquid hybrid bearings. Feed evaluation system is one of the main indicators of high-speed and ultra high-speed CNC grinding performance.


Second, the high-speed CNC grinder feeding system, hard turning lathes The current high-speed and ultra-high-speed CNC grinder commonly used by the linear servo motor direct drive linear motor technology, high dynamic performance combined with digital numerical control technology, to avoid the backlash of traditional ball screw drive, the elastic membrane deformation and wear, stiffness lack of defects.


Lastly, bed base components.


This high-speed ultra-high speed CNC grinder, at home and abroad are using concrete to build its base and column, but also on the base is made of cast iron columns and the whole cast. These welded steel plate and damping material enhance the Seismic resistance with good results.

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