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The evaluating model for the technology needs of Taiwan high-tech industries

This paper formulates an evaluating model for the technology needs of Taiwan's high-tech industries. Since it has scarce natural resources and a limited domestic market, Taiwan's economic development strategy is lead mainly by the technology intensive industries and the expansion of an export-oriented market. However, as industry in Taiwan is composed of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), which lack the resources to carry out independent research and development (R&D), the government has supported non-profit research institutes to develop generic or key technologies, so as to help the industries develop successfully. This evaluating model may be utilised by the government-supported research institutes, which can, during the development process, help the industries reach their production objectives. This model is based on three stages analysis of product vehicles, analysis of technology developmental targets and the planning of developmental technology. Taiwan's semiconductor industry technology selection is the case study we will use to illustrate the model.

Keywords: product vehicles, high-tech industry, government-supported R&, D, semiconductor, SMEs, Taiwan

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