The Evans high performance mini catalog


Courtesy of Evans Cooling Systems, Inc.

Evans Designed Coolant Pumps
What makes an Evans coolant pump different? Increased coolant flow.
All Evans coolant pumps use either an Evans designed casting or an OEM housing specially engineered by Evans to include ball-roller bearing, ceramic seals, plugged weep-holes, air bleeds and plugged bypasses.

The Evans EP Performance Series coolant pumps are designed for serious competition and high performance engines using either an Evans Waterless Coolant or water-based antifreeze. All Evans EP series pumps feature Evans designed 8-vane aluminum impeller for maintaining maximum flow rates while using minimum horsepower.

The Evans EP Performance Series coolant pumps are the highest volume coolant pumps available in the industry. An Evans coolant pump is capable of up to 10,000 rpm. All EP series pumps have Zinc Chromate backing plates and are avail-able with ceramic coating for the ultimate corrosion protection and chrome-like appearance. Custom powedr coating is also available.

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