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The experience of condominial water and sewerage systems in Brazil

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This study presents the experience of applying the condominial approach to expand water and seweragenetworks in three contrasting Brazilian cities. It is based on the findings of a Study Tour to Brazil organized in December 2003 for utility managers and public officials from the Peruvian water sector, who were inthe process of applying large-scale condominial systems in Lima for the first time. The goal of the visitwas to permit the Peruvian delegation to see mature and functioning condominial systems on the ground, and to interact with local policymakers, utility managers, residents and specialists, to obtain better idea of the challenges and potential advantages and disadvantages of implementing this system. The three cities visited –Brasilia, Parauapebas and Salvador– were chosen for their contrasting urban settings and specific experiences with the condominial model. The Study Tour was funded by the Bank Netherlands Water Partnership Program.The current study is offered as a vehicle for sharing the results of the visits with a wider audience of water-sector professionals.

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