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The First China-made HPM injection molding machine is delivered to the U.S. customer


The history of the first the HPM brand injection molding machines made in China will be supplied to a U.S. customer, which is headquartered in Kenton, Ohio Pleasant Precision Inc. company. This machine is assembled by Iraq Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. in Guangdong Foshan factory.

HPM North America, Inc. is located in Marion, Ohio, is headed by the HPM veteran William Flickinger, the company will be put at the end of April a clamping force of 220 tons of HST presses delivery. But first the language of the controller must be changed from Chinese to English.

The HPM was established in 1877, the initial production of apple juice machine. The company started in the 1930s the production of injection molding machines, once produced a large number of metal stamping machines and other molding machinery. In the 1960s, the number of employees of the HPM in Mount Gilead factory had reached 1,000 people. Easy to master this ancient plant several times, in the long history, experienced bankruptcy, and eventually closed at the end of 2009. Two years ago, HPM factory in Mount Gilead, Ohio, the United States closed for years, Yizumi through an auction bid HPM intellectual property. Chinese machinery manufacturers said to spend $ 325,000 to obtain the right to use the HPM brand name, engineering drawings and customer lists. Reborn HPM injection molding machine used a basic design of the Yizumi.

Acquisition by Chinese enterprises is a new step forward in the HPM long history, and Yizumi want to take advantage of the high-profile HPM brand to open the North American market. The Chinese company also made good use of its U.S. employees have the technical expertise. 12 employees in North America, there are eight people worked at HPM, these working years add up to 150 years. Flickinger is an industry veteran, he entered in 1968 HPM, was the person in charge of the Mount Gilead Factory. Other long-term experts to serve on the HPM including HowardRadel (28 years experience), Daniel Kane (25 years experience) and Don Jagger. Randall Clements, general manager of the company is about 20 years of experience in the industry.

At auction, the Chinese company has also purchased an old apple juicer and a 1937 with an annual output of plastic injection molding machines. The Apple Juicer Yizumi will be copied, and will be publicly displayed in the company's showroom. The 1937 edition of the injection molding machine will be displayed in the headquarters of the secret Iraqi.

HPM die-casting equipment in Iraq a secret very attractive Yizumi is China's second largest manufacturer of die casting machine. The Iraqi Secret is production based on HPM designed export machine. HPM die casting machine series high-end machines than they supply in the Asian market, which gives them the opportunity to open the field of higher technical models market.

HPM North America has sold 6 sets of die-casting machine, 4 of which 2,000 tons of machine, the other two for 400 tons of machine. For relatively small-scale die-casting machine market, sales are really impressive, HPM North America Yizumi rubber molding machine series will also be responsible for sales in North America, parts supply and services.

HPM injection molding machine still put to use around 7000-8000. He said that about three-quarters of North America, but the old section of heavy-duty HPM models put into use in the Middle East, South America and Europe.

Yizumi are developing a two-plate the hydrodynamic injection molding machine, is expected this fall. China machinery manufacturer's engineers have begun to consider the development of a high-speed machine. This will expand the range of product lines in North America. These machines must meet U.S. safety standards and electrical requirements.

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