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The first monitoring well in Engbertsdijksvenen is a reality


Courtesy of Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

On Wednesday 20 December 2017, the first monitoring well of the groundwater monitoring network Engbertsdijksvenen was realised on the parcel of landowner Wilharms in Vriezenveen. This monitoring well serves to monitor the effects of the measures required for the Nature Objectives of the Engbertsdijksveen. One of these goals is the recovery of living high moor. In addition to this monitoring well, Eijkelkamp Soil & Water will also install 58 other monitoring wells within a radius of approximately 1.5 kilometres around the area.

'We think it is important to already start measuring the progression of the groundwater levels', says Marcel Clewits, Technical Manager of the Engbertsdijksvenen Planning project. 'The recovery of the living high moor requires rewetting of the nature conservation area. However, we want to keep the area outside the nature conservation area as dry as possible. Therefore, we are looking for measures that have as little impact on the environment as possible. To be sure, we already want to keep an eye on the groundwater levels outside the nature conservation area.”

The monitoring network was developed together with the residents and landowners. They cooperated in devising where the monitoring wells should be located. 'This was a conscious decision because they have very specific knowledge of the area', Clewits explains. 'We first drew up a proposal ourselves and explained this during a number of discussion rounds. Local residents suggested moving certain monitoring wells and to add some more. We have respected those wishes. A number of monitoring wells have been relocated upon the recommendation of the local residents after the discussion round.'

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