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The first quarterly report: machinery industry showed signs of recovery trend

As of April 11, a quarterly disclosure of listed companies big screen recently opened. The two cities a total of 13 companies disclosed a quarterly 697 companies to disclose the performance forecast for the first quarter of pre-hi accounting for more than 54%. Among them, the 157 listed companies pre-growth, a slight increase of 173, 47 losses.
Industry analysts believe that the combination of a quarterly data from the fourth quarter of last year, Plate Rolling Machines, steel and other industries have improved to a certain extent, this indicates that the signs of economic recovery are further highlights.
Machinery and equipment: 76 Annunciation
According to statistics, has released the first quarter results of listed companies in the Plate Rolling Machines pre-increase, the largest proportion of the number of losses and other companies, a total of 76 companies reporting good news. Oriental, or net profit growth is expected from 1316.83 to 2733.66%, ranking first in the industry; integrated into the flight, the Malata 1380-1430% 1000-1100% growth in net profit, respectively ranked second and third. 144 listed companies published results notice machinery industry, Jerry's share of net profits in the first place, which is about 142.68 to 160.89 million yuan, an increase of 135-165%.
The machinery industry has been showing signs of a revival. 'CIC Securities machinery industry analyst Feng Fu Zhang believes that compared with the year 2012, some of the machinery industry performance last year, a significant decline in the first quarter level of performance decline eased. 47 listed companies in the first quarter of this year is expected to turn around, machinery and equipment industry companies have 10.
This trend is also on the performance of the machinery industry sub-sector has been verified. Feng Fu chapter analyzes, the construction machinery industry sub-sectors, the excavator industry and national economic development is most closely, their needs are often a leading indicator of the degree of economic boom, can be described as an economic barometer. '
According to an analyst at Orient Securities, excavator construction machinery products began to appear in mid-March to pick up significantly, the degree of improvement ahead of market expectations. The industry last year, is still in the 'cold'. Excavator Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association statistics show that from January 2012 to August, the domestic excavator sales only 81,962 units, a decline of about 38% over the previous year.
This year than in previous years of the advent of the sales season after the extension, which will help April terminal maintenance of strong demand. 'Orient Securities analyst believes that the current sales recovery is mainly demand driven, not due to short-term promotions. He expects, the excavator sales pick up in the second quarter of this year will be continued. The bottom of the Plate Rolling Machines has passed, the warming trend has been formed. '
'In addition to construction machinery, mechanical industries other representative sub-sectors such as mechanical basic parts industry, from the volume of orders, sales have improved.' Feng Fu Zhang said, 'but the industry as a whole, the strength of the recovery also weak. wait until Sany, Zoomlion and other industry leaders in the first quarter report was released, the trend of the industry as a whole will be more clear. '

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