The Future of MSDSs

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Courtesy of Verisk 3E

For MSDS compliance, like many other tasks that invo l ve information management, the Internet wa s considered by some to be the “killer app .” The e-prophets foretold of universal accessibility, easy document and data storage and low cost.

While all of this is possible using the Internet, acquiring and maintaining MSDSs in a cost-eff e c t ive manner is no small job. Can your company actually use the Internet to better manage your MSDS needs?

The answer is certainly “yes.” Of course, the most obvious approach is to go directly to the manufacturer or distributor from whom you purchased the hazardous materials. They are required to provide their customers MSDSs, how ever documents are sometimes lost en route, or received and misplaced. The burden then falls on you, the user, to obtain any missing MSDSs.

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