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If you’ve spent any time with us at Qualtrax, you know that we are a team. We care about each other, and we are excited to work together with such a talented team of people.

One of the ways we show that is what we call the “Game Ball.” Let me give you little history.

Our theme at Qualtrax this year is “Sweet Sixteen,” complete with team jerseys and sweatbands. In short, it’s a winning year for Qualtrax and that is represented in a basketball theme.

Before you ask:

No, we don’t have a college basketball team.

No, we aren’t trying to form one.

And, no, we don’t need team themed Air Jordans … but that would be pretty cool.

What we DO have is the Game Ball:


We pass the Game Ball from teammate to teammate, and we acknowledge each other’s strengths and teamwork as we do so. The recipient holds onto the ball until they designate the next recipient and sign it as we go. It’s just a nice visual reminder for us to look around, keep perspective, and encourage each other. I imagine we will display the Game Ball like a trophy, representing the awesome team we get to be a part of every day.

What is YOUR organization’s “Game Ball”? How do you point out each other’s strengths?

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