The High Precision CNC Grinding Machine In the Auto Parts Processing Industry


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We are a big country of automobile consumption, as well we are producing cars on a large scale. China's automobile manufacturing industry demand for the CNC Grinding machine growing. Under the impact of the world financial crisis, China's automobile manufacturing industry shows a strong potential for development. Automotive industry has become the largest market for the requirements of CNC machine tool and CNC grinding machine. According to the statistics, more than 38% within the CNC grinder applications in the automotive industry.

With our national policy tilt to small cars, green energy vehicles and new energy vehicles policy. Precision parts for cars have become increasingly demanding, it means that for CNC grinding requirements are getting higher and higher. Currently CNC machine tool applications in the automotive manufacturing industry can be divided into:

1. Application in automobile manufacturing.
2. Applications in the automotive engine, steering, transmission, braking system, auto parts manufacturing in the transmission system.

For most of the high-precision CNC grinding and ultra precision CNC grinder used in auto parts industry. And right in the car auto parts machining shaft parts, disk parts machining CNC grinding machine is the most important subject. Auto parts industry in the high-precision CNC machining grinder needs, the CNC grinder manufacturers to provide high-quality, high reliability CNC grinder.

Availability of a complete set of equipment, providing professional, specialized, high-precision, sets, environmentally friendly CNC grinder. For the above requirements CNC internal grinder manufacturers, mainly from about two aspects:
1.    Accelerate the development of CNC grinding center.
In the future development of the automobile industry, the processing requirements of a CNC grinding center part of the inner circle of the hole, cylindrical, face and so on, Just need a CNC machining center to complete the finishing position of all of the workpiece.
2.    To develop a dedicated CNC Grinder, parts processing industry services for the enterprise. According to statistics, in 2012 the output value of the Japanese dedicated CNC Grinder CNC grinding accounted for 18.8% of GDP, Taiwan's output of CNC machine tools dedicated CNC 11.3% of GDP. And on the domestic mainland was less than 5%.Shengyang Hermos CNC machine tools Production of piston CNC grinding machine can be used for special processing of piston rings.
3.    The product has been used in the world's leading manufacturer of air-conditioning compressors. While also using new technology to transform traditional CNC grinder dedicated to adapt many varieties of flexible manufacturing needs.

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