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The impact of bureaucracy/red tape on the employees of multinational enterprises


Large multinational enterprises are key pillars of the global economy. Their success or failure may impact whole regions or industries and with this not only their own employees but also a broader group of people. Reason enough to focus exactly on this kind of organisation within this research. Although the size of a business is per definition no criteria to identify a multinational enterprise, the focus of the actual research lies on large multinational enterprises as the degree of bureaucracy/red tape seems to be higher the bigger the organisation. This bureaucracy/red tape and its impact on the employees is the core theme of the research. Many studies confirm a correlation between the employee satisfaction/motivation and the success of a business. It is clear that this satisfaction/motivation depends on various different criteria. However, bureaucracy/red tape might be one of them but has not yet been evaluated within literature at all. Furthermore, this topic implies a special challenge as a certain amount of bureaucracy seems to be inevitable to be able to manage a large organisation. The results of this research will show how multinational enterprises could overcome this challenge and even could take advantage of an optimised bureaucratic framework.

Keywords: bureaucracy/red tape, multinational enterprises, MNEs, employee motivation/satisfaction, business success

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