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The Impact of Filters in the Automotive Industry


The use of filtration in the transportation industry is so significant that are devoting an entire conference to it. We hope to see you next week at the AFS Fall Conference: Filtration on the Move – Protection for the Automotive and Aerospace Industry. We will be digging deep into the many ways that filtration is improving the performance and ability of transportation.

As transportation has evolved over the last 150 years, so have the demands on filtration. Ever more complex engines, capable of increasing speeds and maneuverability, have required improved performance from filters. Automotive applications are numerous. Depending on the vehicle, as many as 100 different filters may be deployed. Some filters are changed frequently, such as oil filters, intake air filters and cabin air filters, while other filters may last the life of the vehicle. Critical filters are used in diesel fuel/water separators, fuel injectors, and fuel vapor recovery systems. All of these filters require different pore sizes and surface characteristics to meet stringent specifications.

Automotive applications of filtration technology currently represent 13% of the filtration and separation markets. Filters have a key role to play in the efficiency and longevity of the engine, the reliability and response of steering and braking, the control of emissions, the health and comfort of occupants, and the safety of the vehicle’s performance among other vehicles. It’s no understatement to say that without filters, cars would not be able to go as far, as fast, or for as long as they do now.

We look forward to learning next week in Charleston about current innovations regarding automotive and aerospace applications of filtration and separation technology. With other partner technologies, the filtration and separation industry will continue to serve a major role in increasing the speed and reach of transporting goods and people around the world – and out of it.

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