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The impact of Islamic religious schema on the Muslims and their behaviour

Religious schema research has stimulated long–standing debates regarding the influence of religious beliefs on behaviour. The current study addresses the issue by examining the impact of Islamic religious schema on the Muslims behaviour. Participants were given questionnaires measuring attitudes regarding three stages of input of knowledge, processing of knowledge, and application of knowledge. Reliability test was conducted, compatibility of the data factor analysis by coefficient of beta (ß) as well as analysis of variance. Results indicated that there is a great influence of Islamic religious schema at the input, process, and output stages. However, the impact of extrinsic factors such scholars and family orientation is reflected on the participants with religious affiliations. Results also showed that personality variables were helpful in predicting the ways an average Muslim will react to sensitive issues. Some suggestions have been offered for probable unification of Islamic religious schema among Islamic sects and schools of thoughts to a certain degree.

Keywords: Islamic religious schema, Muslims, religious beliefs, Muslim behaviour, impact, personality variables, religious scholars, family orientation, Islam

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