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The importance of accurate temperature measurement for industrial processes


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Advanced Energy owns 100+ infrared pyrometers for exact non-contact temperature measurement

Pyrometers are temperature measurement instruments that operate on the principle of infrared radiation, i.e. they detect infrared radiation of objects to exactly determine the temperature without making contact with the process or surface being measured.

In many industry sectors, the use of non-contact temperature measurement instruments is an important technology. For example, it is used for controlling complete factory processes or measuring even the smallest components to ensure a consistent quality level.

With a huge Impac® pyrometer product portfolio developed from years of research and customer contact, Advanced Energy provides solutions for nearly every application request.

Our portable Impac** Series 8 pro pyrometers are suitable for measuring metals, ceramics, graphite etc. Also, they can be used for special applications such as measuring pouring streams or for temperature monitoring in coke ovens. The focusable optics and compact design allow for easy operation and data capture during the measurement process.

These classically designed handheld infrared thermometers offer small spot sizes, maximum value storage, and temperature indicators.

The Impac® pyrometer Series 6 Advanced contains stationary digital pyrometers for fast infrared temperature measurement on metals, ceramics, or graphite. The series feature integrated four-digit LED displays that indicate current measuring temperatures or set measuring distances. The pyrometers can also be equipped with a laser-target light, viewfinder, or TV camera module.

From this flagship series the ISR 6-TI Advanced represents the world's first industrial grade infrared pyrometer with thermal imaging capabilities. It is a pyrometer and thermal imager in a single solution.

It uses two-color (ratio) technology to measure the center spot's temperature for ranges between 700 and 1800 °C The built-in video camera's infrared filter auto-calibrates a thermal image. The video output is transferred to your PC via USB and InfraWin software generates the image.

Another versatile measurement highlight is the IGAR 6 Advanced as the only pyrometer suited for many industrial applications with Smart Mode functionality. This includes a unique switchover technology that transitions between modes, creating a very long temperature measurement range from 100... 2000 °C.

In Smart mode, the measurements in the range between 100 ... 250 °C will be taken in 1-color mode whereas in the range between 280 ... 2000 °C the measurements will be based on the 2-color (or ratio) method. In the range from 250 to 280 °C, a continuous transition from 1-color to 2-color measurement automatically takes place.

Advanced Energy acquired LumaSense Technologies, Inc. in September 2018. The legacy LumaSense solutions in combination with our precision power control technologies enable our customers to precisely control critical parameters of heat and material processes and to significantly improve process performance, efficiency and waste reduction.

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