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The influence of microwave radiation on the behaviour of Rattus norvegicus

The use of mobile phones has been the target of a great controversy due to possible biological and behavioural effects. This research presents a preliminary evaluation, regarding the learning and stress levels in subjects of the species Rattus norvegicus, submitted to microwave radiation. The psychological analysis was based on laboratory tests using the aquatic maze (tank of Morris), to determine the capacity of learning and memorisation and the elevated cross maze, designed to evaluate the levels of anxiety and stress. The consumption of water and food was monitored as well as the weight of the animals. The experiments were accomplished using irradiated rats (Experimental Group), and non-irradiated rats (Control Group). No significant differences were observed in the learning or performance of the groups in the aquatic maze experiment. For the elevated cross maze tests, the subjects of the Experimental Group manifested lower stress levels.

Keywords: microwave radiation, Rattus norvegicus, elevated cross maze, aquatic maze, stress levels, learning levels, cell phones, mobile phones, phone use, psychological analysis

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