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The innovation of policy making in rural areas: the Milan case study

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In the last years, rural policies definition has been evolving for the acknowledgment that agriculture could offer a wide range of environmental services. The paper aims at discussing the planning implications of such evolution, by arguing that innovation in policy making is necessary to get more environmental friendly land use practices. In particular, it discusses the role farmers could play in delivering environmental services, their attitudes towards such programmes and the factors that could ease or hinder this participation through a qualitative policy analysis. The Milan rural suburb is considered as case study. The paper's main conclusion is that the main problem to be tackled is the introduction of incentives to boost stakeholders' participation. In the last part of the paper, we will describe the difficulties encountered by policy makers in the considered case, to give some policy insights.

Keywords: afforestation policies, agri-urban parks, farmer involvement, policy making, rural areas, Milan, Italy, agriculture, environmental services, innovation, farmers, incentives, stakeholder participation

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