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The Jordan River basin: at the crossroads between conflict and cooperation

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Several previous manuscripts have identified an opportunity to create a positive–sum outcome for fresh water development and use by the five riparians of the Jordan River basin, in which all parties would receive enhanced resources concurrently, over time. This relies on the development of 'new water' coupled to the more efficient use of the existing water supplies. The application of the trans–boundary waters opportunity analysis in this study shows that the five riparians possess a major opportunity for regional economic development, coupled to protection against the possible negative effects of climate change. However, entrenched mindsets and historical competition over the existing water resources represent formidable barriers to more enlightened regional water management, and the riparians are presently at a crossroads as to whether conflict or cooperation will result in the future.

Keywords: Jordan River, positive sum outcome, economic development, conflict, cooperation, TWO analysis, trans–boundary waters, opportunity analysis, common water resources, shared rivers, water wars, riparian countries, climate change, regional development, water management

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