The key advantages of FlashRES resistivity meter

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Courtesy of ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.

FlashRES-UNIVERSAL is the first instrument in the world that can fully utilise all its electrodes during data collection.  It is a significant technological breakthrough. FlashRES-UNIVERSAL has following key advantages:

FlashRES is a 61-channal resistivity/IP system and it is extremely fast

For each current injection, conventional resistivity systems usually collect 4, 8 or up to 10 voltage pairs, they are thus known as 4, 8, 10-channel systems. FlashRES system can collect 61 voltage pairs for each current injection. This means it is at least 6 times faster in data collection than any conventional systems.

Fast data collection will give user the advantage of surveying more lines in a limited time and fast move in and out a dangerous survey site will give user the advantage of greatly reduce on-site risk.

FlashRES collects 62k data with 64 electrodes in less than one hour

Conventional systems use conventional data collection arrays (E.g. Wenner, Schlumberger, dipole-dipole etc), the amount of data these arrays collected  are normally under-determined for the resistivity inversion algorithm. FlashRES system can collect much more data than conventional systems, thus producing better quality inversion imaging through superior data resolution.   

Ability to collect data with any conventional or user-designed data acquisition arrays

User has the freedom to collect ZZ array (a comprehensive array developed by ZZ), any conventional data collection arrays or user-designed arrays.

Ability to combine all specified acquisition arrays and collect the data in a single run

There is no need to collect data separately per acquisition array. With FlashRES-UNIVERSAL, the operator can collect all data with all specified arrays in a single run. This makes data collection more effcient by using less time than conventional systems.

The system can both run alone or linked with each other to perform long surveys

Unlike other systems that require one main unit and multiple sub-units to perform long surveys, these sub-units cannot be used independently for separate surveys. Not only can FlashRES-UNIVERSAL be linked together to complete a long survey, but also it can be used separately for surveys on different sites.

The world’s leading 2.5-dimensional inversion software

The 2.5-dimensional inversion software developed by ZZ Resistivity Imaging is a state-of-the-art software. It directly and quickly inverts collected data into a resistivity image, which can accurately reflect the shape, position, and size of anomalous bodies. The forward modeling method of the program is finite element-based and the inversion routine uses the conjugate gradient method.

Displays full wave-form current and all voltage data on screen

The real-time display of full wave-form current and all voltage data allows the operator to observe and identifiy the presence of noise (background, contact, or instrument) immediately. This will help operator identify data collecting problems in the field immediately, instead of collecting poor quality data which may be found useless afterwards.

Simple and easy operation 

The FLASHRES-UNIVERSAL system is operated automatically with a proprietary data collection method to collect about 62k data reading. Therefore, it is unnecessary to spend time thinking of what kind of data collection configuration needs to be implemented prior to survey. This greatly reduces time needed to train an operator to complete field surveys. The system automatically checks the electrode ground contact resistances for all electrodes prior to data collection. During the data collection, a user can monitor current and voltage quality at any moment by monitoring the full wave form changes on the screen. The whole data collection can be completed within an hour.

Lightweight design

With a total weight of 29kg, including instrument (5kg), 2 3m-spacing 32-core cables (11.5kg), and 65 electrodes (12.5kg), FlashRES-UNIVERSAL is easy to transport and handle in the workfield. This is especially useful for surveys conducted in rugged terrains.


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