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The Kitchen Factory: a training tool for Cleaner Production

Successful integration of Cleaner Production concepts and technologies into businesses and industries requires effective education and training of the professionals. Cleaner Production, in spite of its conceptual simplicity, implies a new way of thinking about processes and products and a more sustainable approach to problem solving. Teaching university students about Cleaner Production is particularly challenging because many concepts depend on tools and experiences that are difficult to recreate in the typical classroom. Full understanding of the methodology and concepts of a Cleaner Production assessment can be achieved only by engaging students in practical application. To overcome the difficulties of providing a high number of students with a practical application, a very simple and useful exercise, based on the activities performed in the average kitchen, has been developed. The kitchen at home has all the elements of a factory, is available to everybody and can be used to supplement the theory provided in the classroom

Keywords: cleaner production, compatible technologies, technology, training, education, university course

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