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Courtesy of A-Lok Products, Inc.

The call came from a Kennedy township homeowner that the smell of raw sewage was in the air and they were tired of the smell. Dave Gasparovich went out and started walking the very hilly area (15% grade or more) in search of the culprit. What he found was incredible, incredibly bad. The 12 manholes he discovered in the woods had been installed in the late 70’s and were connected with clay pipe. The smell was coming from these structures, some of which that had been almost totally destroyed by Hydrogen Sulfide gas. The concrete manholes as well as some of the iron castings were so eaten away they were leaking the smell out and leaking groundwater in. The good news was the clay pipe was still in good shape and would not have to be replaced except at the new manhole connections.

The 12 brand new replacement manholes provided by A & A Concrete were wisely lined with Duraplate 100 PVC manhole liner from A-LOK Products Inc., to resist the Hydrogen Sulfide gas for years to come. They were also outfitted with Z-LOK cast in flexible rubber connectors to create a watertight structure. As of this date the installation is going well. Dave Gasparovich was pleased with the quick delivery of the lined manholes from A & A as well as the fast installation of the Duraplate lined structures, because no welding is ever required. The Z-LOK water tight connectors, instead of mortar and grout, also speeded up installation. Once in place the structure could be back filled immediately. No dangerous and time consuming travel up and down the hilly site was necessary to return and back fill after the grout and mortar set-up. Last but not least the pre-poured flow channels put in by A & A, in the manhole bases, also contributed to the overall efficiency of installation and quality of this sewer rehabilitation. Since the start of this job 3 more manholes were discovered and will be replaced with same type structures.

Call the homeowners and the golfers at the range on top the hill and the shoppers at Giant Eagle and don’t forget to mention to all the deer, the smell of raw sewage is gone from this beautiful area of Kennedy Township.

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