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The London Borough of Camden - case study


Courtesy of Leafield Environmental Limited

The Challenge:
Free sheets and newspapers area regular feature in our major cities. Designed to be read on a short bus or train journey and then discarded, thus producing a large volume of newspapers to be collected. The London Borough of Camden includes some of the capital's most built-up areas and busiest travel networks. Disposal of used free sheets became a significant litter problem.

The Solution:
Camden joined forces with several free sheet' Publishers to place 70 EnviroBin TwinBinsfrom Leafield Environmental outside the major tube, bus and railway stations within the borough.

The TwinBin was chosen because of its' narrow profile and contemporary styling which allow it to be located against walls and railings or on narrow pavements. Each TwinBin has 170 litres capacity with WRAP compliant apertures at each end to minimise waste contamination. With double skin and triple door latch points, the Envirobin TwinBin is highly suited to life on city streets.

The Regis Road Recycling Centre, at the heart of the borough, is responsible for emptying the TwinBins on a daily basis. Metro Newspapers are one of a number of 'free sheet' Publishers who contributed to the project. The personalisation panel on the Envirobin TwinBin gives a constant, high profile, advertisement in return for the investment made.

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