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The "MAESTRO system 1.0": a new modelling system for impact studies over complex terrain

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To perform realistic impact studies over complex terrain, ATM-PRO s.p.r.l. developed a new 3-D dispersion model, MAESTRO system 1.0*. This system effectively couples a 3-D meso-meteorological model to a Lagrangian dispersion model and runs on a PC at reasonable CPU costs. It takes into account topography and land use. It simulates dry and wet deposition, gravitational settling and plume rise. Validation of the system extends from analytical solution to comparisons with field experiments. The MAESTRO system 1.0 manages multiple sources (punctual, linear, surface or volume) and compounds. It generates classical statistics like annual mean concentration, maxima, percentiles and rolling averages. Moreover, it produces time-series of concentration or deposition over a high density network. This is of paramount importance to enable detection, analysis and understanding of critical situations which depend on emission, meteorology and location. The results obtained for real situations clearly show that topography and meteorology effects on dispersion have to be considered within impact studies over complex terrain.

Keywords: 3-D mesoscale model, air pollution, impact studies, Lagrangian model, pollutant dispersion

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