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The management of environmental services in the City of Bologna

This paper explores the debate around the pursuit of an integrated and participatory approach to environmental services within the Italian planning system, using the case of Bologna as a practical and innovative example. The Master Plan of Bologna, virtually unchanged since it was established in 1989, is not suited to dealing with the range of environmental issues evident today. The pursuit of an integration of environmental policies within the planning system has been increasing since the management of natural resources has come into question in the industrialised nations. Therefore, in 1994, the city Board decided to introduce voluntary procedures for EIA (ValSIA) and, in 1998, a proposal for building regulations with specific contents about sustainability, named BRICK. This article takes into account the efficacy of actions on the environment and shows how the results achieved to date in improving the sensitivity of construction enterprises and skills of experts are already extremely important.

Keywords: building code, environmental impact assessment, energy planning, participation, Italy

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