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The management of technological innovation in Lebanese industry


Technology and innovation are two important elements in improving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in organisations. Therefore, what differentiates successful organisations from others is their management of technology and innovation. The objective of this paper is to investigate how Lebanese firms in different economic sectors manage technology and innovation. Information was collected through a survey questionnaire. Forty Lebanese companies operating in the financial, manufacturing, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), food and software technology sectors were surveyed. The collected data were analysed in order to identify the different technology management strategies across each sector and in the country as a whole. The results reflect on the level of appreciation and importance of technology management and innovation in Lebanese firms. The paper concludes with recommendations on the steps that need to be carried out by the different sectors, including the government, private and education sectors (Technology Triangle), to improve the management of technology and innovation in Lebanon.

Keywords: innovation management, technology management, Lebanon, technological innovation

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