The Middle East relies on BRT Machine Technology


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Did you know that Lebanon has been recycling as professionally as European countries since 15 years?

Since 1997, the country’s biggest recycling company banks on BRT know-how. Nearly all the household waste of Lebanon is processed with SCHLITZ-O-MAT Bag Openers from BRT. A vivid dialogue with this company has been helping BRT to design powerful, reliable machines and products tailored for the demands of the Middle East markets.

In many countries of this region, waste separation and recycling are still in an early stage of development.

Household materials and large, bulky parts are collected and processed together. The share of biodegradables is high. This extremely difficult material composition is challenging for sorting technology. Plant operators depend on robust and reliable machine technology. All maintenance work must be feasible on site.

BRT technology meets all these requirements. BRT has an excellent reputation in the Middle East for long proven and reliable machine concepts. Since many years BRT machines have been working in the United Arab Emirates.Only recently, SCHLITZ-O-MAT Bag Openers for projects in Kurdistan, Bagdad and the West Bank took to the road from Westphalia.

We are glad to having our know-how been involved in the development of the Arabian recycling industries from the very beginning.

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