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The mine value chain integration beyond the ERP systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have now been widely implemented in several industries. The authors discuss their merits and pitfalls, explaining the reasons ERP systems fall short in the integration of the mine value chain and proposing a methodology to overcome their deficiencies. One key differentiation aspect of the mineral industry, is the uncertainty about ore quality until it is actually mined, which sets this whole industry apart from the rest of the manufacturing sector in terms of resource planning needs and control. This paper identifies the difficulties that standard ERP systems have in integrating the mine value chain through an exploratory study that includes a case study methodology denoting how ERP systems manage the functional areas of the mining industry, and how they fit into the mineral value chain Information Technology (IT) requirements. It also proposes a new concept that will allow to properly integrating the mine value chain beyond the ERP systems functionality, through the proper application of IT.

Keywords: ERP, enterprise resource planning, mine value chains, information technology, mineral industry, ore quality, mining

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