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The Ministry of Defence (MOD) – Project Aquatrine Coast to Coast (C2C) - Case Study


The Ministry of Defence (MoD) awarded Public Private Partnership (PPP) contracts under Project Aquatrine to cover UK-wide water and wastewater services enabling the MoD to focus on its core duties. Project Aquatrine was a partnership contract bringing together water and wastewater services for the operation and maintenance of 4,000 unmonitored MoD sites across the UK.

Servelec Technologies provided Severn Trent Services (STS), one of three appointed service providers for the project, with the SCADA and telemetry technology and expertise to create a robust telemetry and alarm gathering system that would cover the MoD sites.

Benefits delivered by Servelec Technologies

 Servelec Technologies implemented the SCOPE SCADA / Telemetry system to create the telemetry and alarm gathering system. SCOPE is a well-established application suite and provided the following benefits:

  • Web based client technology allowing access from any of the configured users on their network. This includes access for engineering and configuration purposes
  • The ability to run the whole system using only a standard browser enables full deployment across licensed PC workstations and out-of-hours alarms can be redirected via SMS to on-call site personnel to allow them to quickly react to any unforeseen issues. A full audit trail is maintained for all alarm information, including that disseminated via SMS
  • Removes the need for full shift manning of the control rooms, lowering callouts, and further reducing costs
  • The inherent ease of use of the browser based web client reduces the engineering effort on configuration/re-configuration and lowers training costs
  • Real-time telemetry and historical data is integrated in a single browser screen providing instant visual comparison of live and trend data allowing faster response to unusual conditions
The Solution

 The Servelec Technologies SCOPE solution includes:

  • SCOPE SCADA/telemetry COTS software
  • Duty/standby hardware on physical servers
  • Browser based telemetry interface
  • Multi-year historical data store based on the SCOPE’s Archiver product
  • Telemetry interface to outstations including more recently a WITS interface to the Servelec Technologies S2000 range of outstations
  • The software design and implementation skills to integrate the complete solution
  • 24/7 software support contract

STS personnel have access to the system from workstations connected to their local area network, this access is dependent on configurable access privileges to ensure that the integrity and security of the system is maintained. Data from sites, via outstations is collected and stored on the duty/standby pair of data gatherer systems serviced by the SCOPE platform. The data gatherers provide the data collection services from approximately 130 sites, including water and wastewater pumping stations, boreholes and oil water interceptors on airfields, this is transferred into the SCOPE real-time and historic databases.

System Features
  • The SCOPE telemetry system is deployed as a hot fail-over non-stop system hosted on PC based servers, ensuring continuous availability even in disaster scenarios
  • Enhanced alarm handling includes fully automated SMS alarm/alert messaging and DTMF. It uses an integrated duty roster with pre-set escalation processes enabling faster response to critical issues. Unlike other systems, SMS response to alarm/alert conditions is also available
  • Supports both legacy outstation products and more recently the Servelec Technologies S2000 range via a WITS interface
  • Communications based on PSTN and radio including deregulated radio
  • Scalability to support both STS and MOD future needs and requirements

The solution was implemented in conjunction with STS’s consultant partner SWECO, and the system is supported via Servelec Technologies dedicated Support team who provide the client with peace of mind 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.

 Neil Butler, Managing Director Strategic Partnerships, Servelec Technologies, said: 'Servelec Technologies is proud to provide C2C (STS) with leading edge web technology to deliver and disseminate alarm information, enriching the service supplied by our client to the MoD”.

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