The most reliable oxygen meter for the aeration tank

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Courtesy of HACH LANGE GmbH

In a direct comparison with a conventional O2 probe, the new HACH LANGE LDO probe took part in a ➔ trial at the sewage treatment plant for a period of nine weeks. The LDO technique proved its worth by the superior quality of
the results and its easy handling. In particular, it excelled in terms of the extremely small amount of probe fouling. At the A stage of the Nieuwveer sewage treatment plant, an oxygen probe supplied the data for regulating the O2 concentration. Under the given highpollution conditions, a cleaning unit ensured that the probe remained functional
by freeing the membrane of accumulated matter with the help of hydrochloric acid (HCl). Is the hydrochloric acid absolutely essential? A comparative trial was set up to answer this question.

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